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Installation & Inspection Manuals
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Pre-use Inspection. (with pictures) – This step by step guide shows how to examine UpRight Aluminum Scaffold and ensure that it is ready and safe to use.

AS Pre-use-InspectionGuide

UpRight Scaffold Manual. (with pictures) – Information that is helpful in a better understanding of how to assemble and safely use the Upright Scaffold System.

AS UpRight Scaffold Manual

OSHA Scaffold Manual. A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry.  This 73 page manual from Fed-OSHA covers various types of scaffolding.  

AS Fed-OSHA 3150

This informational booklet is intended to provide a generic, non-exhaustive overview of a particular standards-related topic. This publication does not itself alter or determine compliance responsibilities, which are set forth in OSHA standards themselves and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

Moreover, because interpretations and enforcement policy may change over time, for additional guidance on OSHA compliance requirements, the reader should consult current administrative interpretations and decisions by the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and the courts.

Our Products
We have three main products groups, the UpRight Single Wide Series, the UpRight Double Wide Series, and the Original UpRight VX Stairwell Scaffold.
AS SW UpRight Aluminum Scaffold Sets

The AS UpRight Scaffold aluminum scaffolds are designed for your convenience the single wide scaffold is easy to handle in confined areas

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AS DW UpRight Aluminum Scaffold Sets

What are the advantages of using UpRight aluminum scaffolding? Set up and movement on high-value floors without worrying about hydraulic leaks or battery...

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AS UpRight VX Stairwell Scaffold

UpRight VX Stairwell Scaffold Sets The safe way to access above stairwells. Available in Single Wide and Double Wide Base Sets for 6 FT and 8 FT Systems.

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I know my grandson will be using this scaffolding when he takes over our Log Home!

FYI, I have my 8 year old grandson helping me to erect and take down the “UpRight scaffolding safely and with ease.

Again, thank you for offering your expertise to me in coming up with a most suitable scaffolding package that I will enjoy using for a very long time.

I would highly recommend Aerial Specialists and “UpRight Scaffold to anyone who is in the market for scaffolding.

I am approaching 70 years old and have used several different scaffolding mfg’s products in the past, (steel and aluminium pipe) and have to say the “UpRight” product you offer is far Superior than any I have used.

I just wanted to let you know I received my order, of “UpRight Aluminium Scaffold” as per your quote, in perfect condition.

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